Fifty States is an all American vodka produced and bottled in the United States. This vodka is 6 times Distilled and made with 100% U.S. corn, making it GLUTEN FREE, all natural, and has zero additives. Enjoy the experience of a crisp, clean, and silky-smooth vodka.


With superb clarity, this grain-based vodka has clean aromas of a mountain spring and salt rock. The palate hints at coconut-like sweetness with a creamy, bright and velvety medium dry body. Finishing crisp, clean and silky smooth. This is a nuanced vodka of the highest order!


Fifty States is an ultra-premium, refreshingly smooth vodka that was founded not only to honor the men and women who have and continue to service this great nation but also to give back to the brave heroes and their families who have sacrificed everything and more for this country.


40% ABV (80 Proof) 750 M L
Produced and Bottled by Local Choice Spirits
N. Charleston, SC, USA