Made In USA Vodka

Vodka is one of most versatile liquor out there. It is easily found in bars everywhere and is the preferred drink of many who want to unwind. What people easily assume as a tame spirit is actually very versatile because its flavor profile is the best base for many mixed drinks. And, on its own, it is also a very nice drink even without any added liquid. Made In USA Vodka is truly the spirit for every discerning drinker.

Made In USA Vodka is a neutral spirit that is without a distinctive, scent, taste, or color. Vodka translates to “little water” in both Polish and Russian. It is made out of fermentable substances such as grains (rye or wheat), potatoes or fruit. The milled product is then cooked along with fresh, filtered water. Subsequently, the mixture is then heated turning the starch product into sugar. The result becomes ‘mash’, which is fermented by yeast (in a fermentation tank) and transformed into alcohol by yeast.

Fifty States Vodka: Your Vodka Of Choice

Here to make a statement amongst the Made In USA Vodka is Fifty States Vodka. It was created to remind us how proud we are to be Americans, and to set a new standard for premium quality. It follows thorough distillation process combined with the proprietary blend of premium U.S. corn gives Fifty States Vodka its unique and refreshing taste. It is gluten-free, all-natural and free of additives, lending it its true vodka flavor.

Fifty States Vodka is crafted at Striped Pig Distillery where it all starts with seeds that are hand-picked and germinated under controlled conditions before they are sown into the soil at Myer’s Farm in Bowman, SC. Years were spent carefully researching the right varieties of corn, rye and wheat for our spirits. The grains that were produced at Myer’s Farm were done so specifically to our conditions and to exactly satisfy our recipe’s needs.

Choose Made In USA Vodka Now

Fifty States Vodka is a Made In USA Vodka with superb clarity, this grain-based vodka has clean aromas of a mountain spring and salt rock. The palate hints at coconut-like sweetness with a creamy, bright and velvety medium dry body. Finishing crisp, clean and silky smooth. Call us now to know more about our products.


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