American Made Vodka

There’s something about vodka that makes it the perfect drink. This clear distilled alcoholic beverage originating from Poland and Russia is the go-to liquor for those who want to unwind. Today, most vodka is made from fermented grains such as sorghum, corn, rice, rye or wheat, though you can also use potatoes, fruits or even just sugar. This tradition is being continued by Fifty States Vodka, an American Made Vodka ready to change the game in the vodka industry.

The history of vodka traces back to ninth-century Russia and eighth-century Poland, popular among soldiers during Napoleonic Wars. It is now the number one selling distilled spirit in the world. The taste of the vodka will depend on the distilling and filtering process depending on the distillery. The number of times a vodka is distilled may also alter the flavor profile. Some vodkas pass through activated charcoal or other media to absorb trace amounts of substances that may alter the taste of the vodka. There are many American Made Vodka to choose from, each with a flavor profile that will fit any discerning palate.

Fifty States Vodka: Standout American Vodka

Here to make a statement amongst the American Made Vodka is Fifty States Vodka. It was created to remind us how proud we are to be Americans, and to set a new standard for premium quality. It follows thorough distillation process combined with the proprietary blend of premium U.S. corn gives Fifty States Vodka its unique and refreshing taste. It is gluten-free, all-natural and free of additives, lending it its true vodka flavor.

Fifty States Vodka is crafted at Striped Pig Distillery where it all starts with seeds that are hand-picked and germinated under controlled conditions before they are sown into the soil at Myer’s Farm in Bowman, SC. Years were spent carefully researching the right varieties of corn, rye and wheat for our spirits. The grains that were produced at Myer’s Farm were done so specifically to our conditions and to exactly satisfy our recipe’s needs.

American Made Vodka Made For You

Fifty States Vodka is an American Made Vodka produced and bottled in the United States. This vodka is 6 times Distilled and made with 100% U.S. corn, making it gluten free, all natural, and has zero additives. Enjoy the experience of a crisp, clean, and silky-smooth vodka. Learn more about our vodka. Call us now!